LED filament fever problem

Update:18 Sep 2017

   LED filament lamp with its low power consumption, en […]

   LED filament lamp with its low power consumption, environmental protection, durable and rich light source, with the traditional fluorescent fluorescent tube the same size, the advantages of strong substitutes, much of the industrial lighting industry favored. However, the current development of LED filament lamp is the biggest problem of heat, LED design at the beginning of the theoretical life of 100,000 hours, but because of the heat generated in the work, seriously affected the LED filament lamp life, although the use of heat Aluminum alloy can heat the LED fluorescent tube, but still can not solve the problem of LED cooling with this problem. Therefore, LED cooling has become an important problem LED light filament. LED tube is the biggest cost of the problem.
LED lighting in the existence of the heat problems and the impact
1. LED lighting problems exist in the heat
In the use of LED lighting process, especially LED fluorescent tube, in the traditional fluorescent fluorescent tube, the traditional fluorescent fluorescent tube is the energy into heat, and then converted to light energy, but LED fluorescent tube is directly converted into electricity The light energy, but the two are the ultimate goal of energy conversion can be light energy. However, in both of these ways, no one can completely convert electrical energy into light, the most energy-efficient LED fluorescent tube can only most of the power (60% to 70%) to LED light. And then the LED fluorescent tube in the process of lighting the rest into heat. In addition to the use of time longer, LED internal chip temperature will gradually increase, and LED internal chip and other device performance will rise with the temperature drop, or even failure. Eventually leading to LED devices can not work. Fundamentally, the rise in junction temperature reduces the probability of PN junction luminescence recombination. The performance of the light source is the luminous brightness decreased, resulting in saturation. So the heat problem is the LED development process, especially LED fluorescent tube problems to be solved.
2. LED heating problem on the impact of LED filament lamp
In the above heat problems mentioned, the heat problem will not only affect the life of LED devices, but also can affect the luminous brightness. Experience has shown that LED, especially the life of high-power LED depends mainly on the chip junction temperature, the higher the temperature. The lower the reliability, the shorter the service life. So not only from the LED material, production methods, packaging structure and the principle of light and other aspects of integrated design of LED devices, more importantly, to solve the current existence of LED devices and lamps in the heat problem, select the appropriate package structure, a reasonable way of cooling, and Applied to LED lighting.



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