Advantages and Benefits of Edison Lamps

Update:24 Jul 2017

     Edison bulb advantages:      1. beautiful appearan […]

     Edison bulb advantages:
     1. beautiful appearance is very retro characteristics.
     2. Glowing close to the sun color is beautiful, very suitable for decorative use
     3. Light source is small, cheap.
     4. With a wide range of shade form, and equipped with light lighthouse, ceiling and wall of the installation of equipment and concealed devices.
     5. Versatility, color and more varieties.
     6. With orientation, scattering, diffuse and other forms.
     7. Can be used to strengthen the object three-dimensional.
     Edison bulb life factor:
     The life of the Edison bulb is related to the temperature of the filament, because the higher the temperature, the easier it is to sublimate the filament. Fluorescent lamp at both ends of the process is: tungsten wire sublimation directly into tungsten gas, these tungsten gas encountered lower temperature of the lamp wall and condensate in the lamp wall and black, when the tungsten wire sublimation to relatively fine Thin, it is easy to burn after power, which ended the lamp life. So, the greater the power of the Edison bulb, the shorter the life you use.



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