Characteristics of LED filament lamp

Update:31 Jul 2017

   Optimize the LED alignment to achieve the best light […]

   Optimize the LED alignment to achieve the best light effect
   Consistent with the traditional incandescent bulb design, retro style, filled with inert gas bulb, to help heat dissipation.
   LED uses imported wafers to ensure high efficiency, low consumption and stability of LED;
   Long life design, life up to 30 thousand hours, high reliability;
   Professional industrial design and optical design to create an elegant and elegant optical environment;
   Compared with traditional energy - saving light source( 60%-70%);
   No mercury harmful substances, green environmental protection, no radiation, no ultraviolet, no stroboscopic, eye protection;
   The use of a wide range of office areas, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, exhibition halls, conference rooms, window displays, home, indoor and other places, especially suitable for luxury, high standards, large space lighting decoration;
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