Efficiency comparison between LED lamp production lines and traditional methods

Update:30 Mar 2018

Currently, the production process of bulb lamps for LED […]

Currently, the production process of bulb lamps for LED lamp production lines is mainly based on pure handwork. Each worker produces 10,000 bulbs per year, and a single production line (8 hours per day) can produce 1.5 million yuan per year. Only the bulb lamp, equivalent to 150 workers, each worker's salary is calculated at 50,000 yuan per year. In the first year of production, it can save 7.5 million man-made capitals. Now the price of an automatic production line is 3.5 million yuan. , The second year after the initiative production line only need to pay for the operation, protection, protection costs, to complete profitability.

According to statistics, according to the current annual output of 17 billion bulb lamps in China and the production capacity of 1.5 million LED bulb lamp production lines, a total of more than 10,000 bulb lamp production lines are required. After production, LED bulbs are produced. The production line is calculated at 3.5-5.0 million yuan each. From the point of view of the development of the entire industrial chain of LED lamps and lanterns, it is possible to stock up to more than 500 billion yuan in the scale of the industry.

The bulb lamp installation line of the LED lamp production line is the basic equipment of the semiconductor lighting company, especially the active installation of the production line. It is also the high-end equipment to ensure the quality of goods, production power and production capacity, but now this type of equipment is only internationally A few companies can provide it. Because the cost of high-end, high-end automation is high, domestic companies spread across the field of operations, creating problems such as low power and low commodity yield. Now, after self-research and development, our company has mastered the active installation technology of the bulb lamp of the LED lamp production line, the on-line inspection of the key performance of the LED bulb light and the preparation of the key technologies, and has independent intellectual property rights.

The main features of the LED lamp production line's automated bulb installation line are as follows: The production line is compactly planned and compactly constructed; it is compatible with the production of various types of LED products; the production is highly efficient, and the average output per day can be reached on a single class day. 1.5 million; intelligent management, establish a sound database to monitor the status of the production line, complete advance protection, reduce the impact of equipment defects on the production.




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