Home lighting in the university asked, do you understand?

Update:29 Jun 2017

       When the interior decoration to a certain extent […]

       When the interior decoration to a certain extent, you should think about what you want to buy lamps, in fact, lighting is also containing the University asked, such as the location of the light source is a direct projection or scattering, the effect of each lamp is not The same, it depends on your home decoration style, have to take into account the practicality and so on.
      The first is to follow the following three points, which is a matter of principle.
      1, the most important point is safe and reliable, safe: lighting will not occur leakage, fire and other phenomena; reliable: to open on a bright, a off on the off.
      2, to achieve a variety of activities required by the different places of light, such as rest, attendees, watching, playing games, etc., no matter what kind of activities should have the role of the corresponding lamps, this lighting should be scientific light distribution , People do not feel tired, both conducive to eye health, but also save electricity.

      3, beautiful, light exposure to take care of the contours of the various things, the level and the main image, for some special furnishings such as ornaments, paintings, carpets, vases, fish tanks, etc., but also to reflect or even beautify its color, Catch the movie scene).

     The location of the light source in the lighting is important, but the location is good, the key is what you want the light source to illuminate. The first is the human, the most important part of the face. From different angles of the projection of light, will make people face different expression effect, if people standing under a chandelier, direct down the lighting will make people become cold, serious. If there is a light from the bottom up to the face, then worse, the face will become horrible, and even ferocious. So people in the frequent meeting of the living room, dining room, sofa group, etc. can not be used directly up or down the lighting. Such as the use of side-shot direct lighting, that is, so that the light from the side of the top of the projection, it will make facial contour lines rich and clear; such as the use of diffuse lamps, so that scattered light to cast the face, will be clear and amiable image.

      Lighting as an integral part of the decoration, must be arranged according to different types of light source and its location.
      Bedroom in our country often have a variety of functions, such as living room, study, locker room and so on. Dressing requires homogeneous light to illuminate from the front of the person in order to get a clear image in the mirror, so the light source can not be placed in the human brain, if you want to make up the makeup but also set the auxiliary light on both sides Hair can be clearly seen. Reading and writing need to write desk lamp, sleep when the indoor light can be more soft some. But before bedtime in bed reading habits of people, bedside lamp is best to adjust the brightness and angle. The simple way is to install two lights, one by one dark.
      Old people living in the lighting should be bright, slightly bright can get rid of loneliness, increase the sense of security, generally 40-60 watts of incandescent enough, the children with the lamps and lanterns in the shape as much as possible to choose some lively, its brightness Can be based on the actual use of function to set. 40 watts of reading and writing desk lamp is enough, do not use fluorescent lamps, because of its AC power generated by the human eye can not be aware of the flash will stimulate the nerve. When the game lights can be used to light some of the room to light up, so that the indoor rich color more beautiful. To sleep can open a dedicated 3-watt long light, both to solve the problem of fear of the child at night, but also to solve the problem of easy to get up at midnight.log on to our official website for more details :http://www.outedsionbulb.com/



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