How LED bulbs choose color temperature in different environments

Update:15 Jan 2018

What's the color temperature of the LED bulb? What is t […]

What's the color temperature of the LED bulb? What is the effect of the effect of color temperature on people? Is it appropriate to make a LED light bulb with a good color temperature in a different environment? Today we take these three items to talk about.
Finally, is it appropriate for a LED light bulb to make a good color temperature in a different environment? Here are a few simple examples.
1, school lighting: classroom, library, laboratory 4500-5000K reasons: the school needs quiet, serious, and need to be lively. Students look at the blackboard and concentrate on natural thinking. Students live in most of the time in the classroom, too cold will give students a feeling of depression, is not conducive to the cultivation of students' creative ability.
2, home lighting 3500K-5000K: school and home are also the same need to be quiet, comfortable, warm color temperature. Friends come to visit your living room, let friends know your home is very smooth, very comfortable feeling, talk about the day without the feeling of suppression.
3, shopping mall lighting: 3500-4500K. Different areas should be equipped with different color temperature fluorescent lamps. Reason: this color temperature is natural, and it does not lose its liveliness. It can cause people's desire to buy, the color of the reflection of the goods, giving people comfortable, comfortable feeling.
4, shopping mall household electrical area: color temperature in 5000-5500K most of the home appliances color is light color, giving people the feeling of clean, high-grade, clear lines.
5, factory workshop, warehouse, parking lot: special work, more work with eyes. It is appropriate to use 4500-5000K close to the sun: others, but a little higher in color temperature, such as 5000-5500K. The work that is easy to fatigue is suitable to use the color temperature near the sun.
6, room temperature should be 4000-5000K, for the interactive communication.




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