How to buy home LED filament bulb

Update:16 Aug 2017

   Light effect (LM / W)    The effect of the whole lig […]

   Light effect (LM / W)
   The effect of the whole light on behalf of the LED bulb manufacturers use LED filament quality problems. LED filament core technology is used by the chip, the chip quality directly affect the light efficiency, filament packaging technology and methods also have a great impact, but in addition to a few particularly expensive packaging plant, are not many. In general, the current LED filament light effect on the market has more than 120LM / W, but this is only no shade parameters. In general, light efficiency is particularly low, such as 60-70lm / w bulb is very poor, the basic can be judged as relatively low-end products, and its corresponding life will not be long. Comparison of the method is to light the same two power at the same time, if the brightness is relatively weak. Yellow light with the yellow than the ratio, different color temperature bulbs do not have professional testing equipment can not be better.
    Cooling technology
   Thermal technology This is very important for LED filament light bulbs. High temperature will speed up the light sadness and service life. Try to choose not to be hot, too hot is the comparison of the product, the United States and Germany produced dimming Edison retro LED filament lamp, the use of internal combustion inert gas, the use of inert gas to achieve the effect of irregular heat dissipation, bulb surface The temperature is only about 50 degrees. The same power under the shell the bigger the better.
   Color rendering index (CRI)
   Color rendering is not reliable for all manufacturers. Many parameters are false. So try to buy more than 80 color index of this is the conscience of the label, if the price of a single bulb is below 12 yuan marked with 85 color rendering index (CRI) and looks very bright, then we must be careful data fraud.




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