How to choose LED fan light drive classification program content

Update:09 Oct 2017

  First, LED filament drive Category:    1, from the dr […]

  First, LED filament drive Category:
   1, from the drive point of view, LED filament power is divided into three categories: RC capacity buck; linear constant current; IC constant current.
   2, from the structural point of view, LED filament power is divided into two categories: all glass without plastic parts; with plastic parts. Which no plastic parts also need to distinguish between the type of lamp, such as E26 / E27 / B22 is a class; E14 / E17 is another category.
   Second, three kinds of LED filament drive the main features of the drive capacity step-down, linear constant current, IC constant current
   1, RC capacity buck: small size, low cost, constant voltage changes, there are strobe, easy to EMC, anti-lightning surge, it is difficult to pass certification, in the power grid protection area is easily damaged.
   2, linear constant current: small size, low cost, low voltage range constant current, 30cm no flicker, easy to EMC, heat a large, large fluctuations in the region voltage fluctuations in the region due to heat.
   3, IC constant current: more components, the cost is slightly higher, the voltage changes constant current accuracy, no flicker, can be EMC, the protection of the most comprehensive.




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