How to choose LED filament lamp, summarized as follows

Update:19 Jul 2017

   1 .see stent: sapphire stent easy to break, easy to […]

   1 .see stent: sapphire stent easy to break, easy to break off, but the thermal conductivity is good, transparent high, transparent sense of strong, the current sapphire bracket a little expensive, so if you choose sapphire bracket, to consider these issues.If the metal bracket, there are yin and yang face, and metal expansion and glue, there may be off.But the metal thermal conductivity is good, easy to weld, almost no shedding problems
   2. see copper: copper at both ends, in the back-end processing bulbs, due to welding and flame sealing, will produce heat, let the copper off, if the stent is glue at both ends of the copper, or ordinary solder, Will fall off
   3 .to see the voltage: some use of defective chip, the voltage is inconsistent, resulting in different chip brightness, and easy to die and part of the amount, therefore, look at the filament voltage, whether the same
   4 .to see the heat: look at the different current, the bulb heat and heat conditions, glass stent was abandoned, mainly heat conduction
   5. see light effect: in different current, see the different light effect, whether to meet the requirements
   6. to see life: do point life test
   7 .to see the bulk: look at the bulk of the capacity and batch stability.http://www.outedsionbulb.com/



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