led bulb color temperature is what?

Update:18 Dec 2017

Color temperature When the light source external radiat […]

Color temperature When the light source external radiation color and black body radiation color the same, then the temperature of black body is the color temperature of the light source. For example: a led lighting light color and color temperature of 5000K black body issued the same, then we say that the color temperature of the light source is 5000k.    
K means a unit of temperature. In general, the higher the color temperature, the more white or blue light color, the lower the color temperature, light color yellow or red. We call high color temperature is cool, low color temperature is warm. Note: Because the sun is broad-spectrum light, so the color temperature and artificial light gives a different feeling of color temperature in the end what is offensive to people? Follow us to analyze the different color temperature will affect the human emotions what kind?

       2800K: red, yellow-based. Lively, warm and relaxed. However, people who have poor emotions have a heat feeling.
2800K-5000K: red, green, blue close to the sun. Give a natural, comfortable, stable feeling.
5000K-6500K: Large proportion of blue light. Glaring, giving a serious, deserted, calm feeling. Will make the body feel cold.
7000K: purple light. Glare. Ghostly, deserted, sad, depressed feelings.




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