LED bulb maintenance method

Update:25 Sep 2017

   LED lights in the production will inevitably produce […]

   LED lights in the production will inevitably produce bad, and for the LED lights with bad product maintenance is a need to pay special attention to things. Because the LED lights with the maintenance is easy because of improper operation, resulting in LED lights with the scrapped.
   1, anti-static
   Because the LED is an electrostatic sensitive components, if the maintenance of LED lights with no anti-static measures, it will burn the LED, resulting in waste. It should be noted that the soldering iron must use anti-static soldering iron, while maintenance personnel must also be anti-static measures (such as wearing static ring and anti-static gloves, etc.)
   2, sustained high temperature
   LED lights with two important components of the LED and FPC, are not able to continue high temperature products. FPC if the sustained high temperature or more than its withstand temperature, it will make FPC cover film blister, a direct result of LED lights with scrapped. At the same time, LED can not continue to withstand high temperatures, in the high temperature for a long time, the chip will be high temperature burned. Therefore, the maintenance of LED lights with the use of the soldering iron must use temperature control soldering iron, the temperature is limited to a range, prohibited to change and set. In addition, even so, also need to pay attention in the maintenance of the soldering iron do not stay in the LED pin more than 10 seconds, if more than this time, it is likely to burn LED chip.
   3, short circuit
   Many LED lights with bad because the feet have a short circuit in the maintenance must be identified before the real bad reason. Otherwise, rush to replace the bad LED, the power will continue to cause the LED chip is short-circuit current breakdown. So, before the replacement of the new LED, we must first find the real reason for the bad, the right medicine can do more with less.http://www.outedsionbulb.com/



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