LED bulb manufacturers tell you have to see the coup

Update:29 Jan 2018

    The first move, according to the season, the enviro […]

    The first move, according to the season, the environment color temperature: the color temperature range of 2700 ~ 6500K, the smaller the value of the deflection of yellow, on the contrary is biased in favor of blue and white, yellow is usually suitable for winter and bedroom, living room, dining and other occasions for creating warm comfortability. The white is more bright and clear, suitable for summer and study, kitchen and so on.
The second move, the need to emphasize the color contrast, the election of high color rendering: color refers to the object after being illuminated by the color of the authenticity of the value of 0 to 100, and now led bulb color rendering standards are more than 75, but up to 80 More preferably, the family home studio should buy color high led bulb manufacturers, more able to reflect the authenticity of the color.
3 strokes, according to the number of layers, the demand for environmental lighting, the choice of quantity and luminous flux: Luminous flux refers to the brightness. Under the same floor count, depending on the environment, the number of lamps used is different. If the same 5-ping bedroom and study each need two and five 13-watt light bulbs.
4 strokes, choose the high luminous efficiency: the higher the luminous efficiency of the more representative of the power saving, the current led light emission efficiency is generally higher than 80, the higher the value of the more energy-saving choice.
5 strokes, the general led light bulbs (non-wide-angle) for under-lamp lamps, wide-angle led bulbs for floodlight lamps: refers to the light-emitting point of view, in general, led bulbs for the next type of lamps, For example, 崁 lights; wide-angle led light bulbs for floodlights, such as wall lamp, lamp and so on.




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