LED decorative lights manufacturers installation precautions

Update:23 Oct 2017

(1) Wiring correctly according to the wiring diagram. ( […]

(1) Wiring correctly according to the wiring diagram.
(2) Note that the working parameters of the product can not exceed the limit parameters specified in the table.
(3) The surface of the product must be flat and clean. Otherwise the product will fall off.
(4) product installation bending to avoid just in the led or other components of the location, so as to avoid damage to the product, the impact of the product life.
(5) the product in the installation and use of the process, please pay attention to anti-static, not allowed to touch the product with a sharp device.
(6) can not contact with strong acid, alkali and other chemical chemicals, can not be close to the fire source.
(7) LED decorative light manufacturers minimum bending radius greater than 30MM, bending installation to avoid excessive force.




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