LED decorative lights manufacturers use the main points of the situation

Update:21 Aug 2017

   LED decorative lights manufacturers static and sudde […]

   LED decorative lights manufacturers static and sudden changes in voltage, static electricity and the sudden increase in voltage will damage the LED, so when the assembly of LED requirements to bring anti-static gloves or bracelets. All equipment must be ground protected.
   If you need to do lamp foot shaping, it must be completed before welding, the lamp foot bent place and the resin cover of the distance of not less than 5 mm, and to ensure that there will be no improper external force Acting on the resin, so it is best to use tweezers and other tools to help.
   Welding, the bottom of the epoxy resin from the welding surface to the minimum 1.6 mm, to prevent the welding process in the external force on the lamp body. After welding to avoid re-welding. In the manual welding time, the welding temperature should be 260 degrees. Welding time should be less than 3 seconds power less than 30 watts. In the case of wave soldering, the welding time should not exceed 5 seconds at 260 degrees. If you use a soldering iron to solder a string of LEDs on a printed circuit board, do not weld both ends of the lamp at the same time.    Welding time to use metal tweezers to hold the lamp foot, which is conducive to the distribution of heat.
   Cleaning: Do not use no specified chemical substances to clean the LED, otherwise it will damage the surface of the LED, if you really need to use alcohol, or fluoride. The time to wash at normal temperature is less than 30 seconds.
   Resistance: To ensure good LED status, in the application to add the appropriate resistance to protect it.




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