LED filament bubble in the future

Update:21 Jun 2017

At present, although there is no authoritative data to […]

At present, although there is no authoritative data to prove the life of the filament bubble, but can give skeptics a certain information is: through a good gas heat, the filament bubble surface temperature is very low, and short-term test data is 1000 hours light failure 4 %, In accordance with the L70 standard, the theoretical life can reach 10,000 hours is yes, relatively speaking, incandescent lamp life of only 1000 hours.

1) high power
Currently on the market the best power of the filament bubble is 6W, can be expected higher power lamp bubble will appear, mainly to replace the 100W or even higher power incandescent.
2) the application of remote phosphor
The use of remote phosphors can achieve similar light-emitting effect of energy-saving lamps, which not only makes the luminous effect better, but also can replace the U-shaped energy-saving lamp product shape.
3) comply with UL requirements of low pressure filament
The current filament can pass CE, but UL is still a problem, the filament must be low or light bulbs can not be broken after the requirements of human contact, will certainly spawn a new product classification.log on to our official website for more details :http://www.outedsionbulb.com/



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