led filament bulb manufacturers how to protect the service life

Update:02 Jan 2018

    How to buy led filament bulb? With the led filament […]

    How to buy led filament bulb? With the led filament bulbs in the lighting market performance getting better. led filament lamp demand is also getting higher and higher. Then in the uneven quality of the market to buy led filament bulbs, we should pay attention to what the problem?
1. The requirements of the led filament bulb itself, because to replace the incandescent lamp, the first brightness is higher than the incandescent, led filament lamp and ordinary fluorescent lamp brightness ratio is 1: 4, and incandescent brightness ratio is 1:10; that is Said that 1W led filament bulb equivalent to 4W fluorescent lamp, equivalent to 10W incandescent brightness.
2.Led filament lamp bulb shape should also be similar to the shape of an incandescent lamp, pear-shaped, this is no problem for the LED technology now, but the LED itself can not heat the issue of all-glass exterior structure, to be compared Good cooling material, in order to ensure the life of led filament lamp.
3. Buy led filament bulb when you want to choose the size of a considerable size, the weight is quite, the most common is the E14 or E27 screw-type base (commonly known as the screw), the power supply should be 220VAC (domestic).
4. On the led filament lamp power supply, the basic type of power supply is divided into two types of isolated and non-isolated, generally speaking, non-isolated because there is no need for isolation transformers, so the cost is relatively low, but the aluminum substrate voltage is relatively high , Otherwise the radiator may be charged, and also not very beautiful outside the lamp; isolated on the more secure, easier to pass safety regulations, but the cost is relatively high, but for home use.




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