LED filament is how to change color

Update:20 Nov 2017

For example, the red and blue light is purple at the sa […]

For example, the red and blue light is purple at the same time, the red light and the green light together are the yellow light, and the same goes green and white in turn, so there is a colorful light, and there is what we see To a variety of colors! This is only the most simple, if you want the color brightness, color and other aspects of the more elaborate, then you can red, green and blue each color is divided into 256 gray levels, that is, we understand the brightness level, This LED filament will be able to form the so-called full-color, the problem is how to accurately control the red, green and blue color grayscale to adjust the color of the various needs it? So it is generally in the lamp inside plus an integrated circuit, pulse width modulation method to accurately control the three levels of red, green and blue color grayscale, to achieve color change
I believe we all know that the three primary colors, that is, red, green and blue colors, LED discoloration uses the principle of the three primary colors, because the human visual system is the most sensitive to these three colors, most of the visible light is the three colors according to different Proportion of the mixture! The same monochromatic light can also be decomposed into these three kinds of light! According to this principle LED filament will be installed inside the red, green and blue colors.




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