LED filament lamp composition content

Update:28 Aug 2017

   1, the main components of the filament lamp: light b […]

   1, the main components of the filament lamp: light bar (substrate, chip, conductive, phosphor), drive, lamp, lamp post, blister.
   Light on the substrate is divided into: sapphire, ceramics, metal, glass.
   The performance of each substrate is as follows:
   Price: Sapphire> Ceramics> Metal> Glass
   Luminous flux: sapphire> glass> ceramic> metal
   Thermal performance: metal> ceramics> sapphire> glass
   2, in the final analysis, all aspects of the performance of sapphire has an unparalleled superiority, but also now high-quality LED filament light choice, our new light source produced high-quality    LED filament lamp that use sapphire bracket.
   The wires on the light bar are divided into pure gold thread, alloy wire and wire, the general low-end LED filament lamp will use alloy wire and wire, the new light source LED light is selected 99.9% pure gold thread.
   The driver is divided into RC driver and IC driver
   RC drive voltage fluctuation range is very narrow, encountered voltage instability, it is easy to burn. New light source can use the low voltage range of 110V-130V, high voltage range of 210-230V.    The voltage is too high will burn, too low will be dark, there are strobe.
   The IC driver can accept 10% of the voltage fluctuation range, the new light source can use the low voltage range of 90-130V, high voltage range of 180-260V, no strobe.
   LED filament lamp can replace the ordinary incandescent lamp, the conventional E27, E14, the new light source can be tailored for different countries to achieve the standard lamp.http://www.outedsionbulb.com/



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