LED filament lamp has become the new darling of the lighting industry?

Update:19 Jun 2017

At present, the key technologies of LED filament lamp i […]

At present, the key technologies of LED filament lamp include: LED filament design and manufacturing technology, filament glass bulb technology, no constant current drive power technology, these key design, manufacturing technology are filament manufacturers must pay attention And have.
 Traditional shape, upgrade "recipe". Retro shape. Through the visit found, LED filament lamp not only with the incandescent lamp similar to the retro shape, as well as bottles, stars, strips and other shapes; glass surface can be made of frosted, silver, hand painted and other artistic effects, with strong decoration Sexual effects, apply to home, bars, restaurants and other occasions, by the consumer's welcome. According to the first-line market feedback that Europe and the United States preferences of incandescent warm yellow light, "all week + incandescent shape" retro elements to fill a blank market, it is easy to understand LED filament lights in overseas markets.
Shine all week. LED filament is a new form of LED package - PLCC package, LED filament lamp using LED light bar to replace the original LED lamp beads as a light source. Wood Linsen executive general manager Lin Jiliang said that because the packaging device is the whole week light type, an optical loss is small, so the LED light light effect is higher. LED light bar is through the chip package in the long-shaped substrate, with gold wire to connect the chip to achieve conductive, the surface attached to the yellow phosphor, to achieve a 360 ° light, reducing the cost of secondary optical light distribution.
Energy saving and longevity. 470 lumens output, the equivalent of a 40W incandescent bulb issued by the luminous flux, a power of several watts of LED filament lamp can achieve the same effect; Jiangmen City, a sub-lighting Electric Co., Ltd. Chen Yu introduced its company a LED filament Lamp through the international authority TUV detection 6000 hours of light failure was only 8%, the product life of 25,000 hours.
Eye adjustable. Open the switch and LED filament light began to light the basic no time interval, and the light is almost close to the natural light, color temperature between 4000K-5500K, but no infrared or ultraviolet radiation, luminous uniform, so as to achieve eye protection purposes.  LED light advantage: relying on gas cooling, but also can use HV line structure to achieve simple dimming function.log on to oue official website for more details:http://www.outedsionbulb.com/



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