LED why does bulb bulb get hot, how to solve?

Update:07 Aug 2017

   The LED lamp has been declared as a cold light sourc […]

   The LED lamp has been declared as a cold light source, therefore, many consumers believe that LED will not be like the incandescent lamp bulb as hot, actually this is wrong, LED lighting will still generate heat in LED bulb with electricity can not completely into light, a part of the transformation of heat energy, so the heat generated. Basically, only 70% of the electrical energy of 20%-30% is converted into light, and the other is converted to heat.
   If the LED bulb cooling is not good, it will make LED chip junction temperature increases rapidly, if the LED bulb long-term in a state of high temperature will shorten LED bulb life, therefore, the LED lamp manufacturers are trying to solve the problem of LED heat dissipation, heat LED bulb, can from the package before and after the package consideration, namely LED chip and LED lamp heat radiating. The LED chip selection process and the main radiating substrate and the circuit, and the LED lamp radiator, is actually composed of two parts of heat conduction and heat radiation, the heat generated by the LED chip, the metal heat sinks, first through the solder to aluminum substrate of PCB, and then through the conductive adhesive, and finally to the aluminum radiator.
   Different LED bulb , according to customer needs and costs, using different thermal conductivity materials, the general LED lamp manufacturers mainly have the following heat conductor:
   Heat conduction plastic shell: that is, filling the heat conducting material in the plastic shell injection, increasing the heat conductivity and heat dissipation ability of the plastic shell, but relative to the aluminum shell radiator, the heat dissipation of the plastic shell is worse.
   Air fluid mechanics: the shell shell, create convection air, this is the lowest cost way to strengthen the heat.

   Aluminum heat sink: This is the most common heat dissipation method, using aluminum heat radiation fins as part of the shell to increase the cooling area. Like LED day lanterns, they used to be in the form of sun flower, and now more advanced technology is knife type radiator.

    The surface radiation heat treatment, is coated on the surface of the heat radiation in the paint, take away the heat lamp surface with radiation, to achieve the effect of heat dissipation. 

   Heat pipe: the use of heat pipe technology, the heat from the LED chip to the shell, hot and hot fins, such as street lights, is the use of such design.
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