Lighting installation specifications

Update:06 Nov 2017

     Lighting inspection      According to the lighting […]

     Lighting inspection
     According to the lighting market installation sites to check whether the lamps meet the requirements; Inventory packing list according to inventory installation accessories; Check the manufacturer's documentation technology is complete; Check the lamp appearance is normal, with no scratches, deformation, metal shedding, corrosion and so on.
     Assembly lamps
     According to the installation instructions will be one of the components connected together, the length of the lamp threading should be appropriate, multi-strand cords should be stannous tin, wiring should pay attention to uniform color, easy to distinguish between hot and neutral. Straighten the light line.
     Lighting installation
     Ordinary lamp holder installation: Leave the power cord left for the length of repair and cut off the thread first, and use the connecting screw to install the lamp holder on the junction box. Off-line lamp installation: the power line to leave enough maintenance after the length of the cut off and strip the line head, the wire through the lamp base, with the connection screw to the base on the junction box.
     Power test run
     After the lamp is installed, turn on the power and test whether the power is on.http://www.outedsionbulb.com/




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