Performance advantages of LED filament lamps

Update:16 Apr 2018

A, 360 degree full angle luminescence stereo light sour […]

A, 360 degree full angle luminescence stereo light source: the former LED light source, such as the plug-in LED, the patch LED, the COB, the integrated high-power LED lamp, can only be a flat light source without the optical devices such as the lens, but the LED filament lamp breaks through this point and uses the microporous metal substrate single surface solid crystal welding line technology. The 360 degree full angle luminescence stereo light source has been realized, which avoids the problem of light effect caused by the addition of lens and the result of light loss. It meets the customers' full angle of light demand, brings unprecedented lighting experience and more energy saving.

Two. High chromaticity, Gao Guangxiao

Blue light plus red light chip package can make the color display to the traditional lighting effect, improve the light effect and brightness, instead of the traditional blue light plus red and green phosphors to improve the brightness of the obvious finger loss.

Three, conforming to people's habit of looking at the appearance of the light source

LED filament lamps meet the needs of consumers: when incandescent lamps, energy saving lamps are still dominating the market, the products that can be accepted by the ordinary consumers are the lighting fixtures that do not change the past habits, and the LED filament lamps fully meet the customary understanding of the consumer for the lighting fixtures.

Four, compared with the ordinary LED lamp, low cost

Compared with the general LED lamps, LED filament lamps mainly use sapphire substrates and wicks instead of non renewable aluminum and non degradable plastics. Because only the phosphors can be applied to sapphire substrates on 0.8mm, the amount of phosphors is less than that of ordinary packaging. From the current mainstream model, the power is generally only 25, 28, 32 chip packages. Compared to the ordinary package with equal watts, the LED chip is less used, and the corresponding total cost is lower than the ordinary LED lamp.




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