Performance characteristics and package introduction of LED filament lamp

Update:04 Sep 2017

   LED filament lamp, also known as LED lamp post, LED […]

   LED filament lamp, also known as LED lamp post, LED light bar (some of the larger substrate extended LED lamp, here no longer repeat) widely used with led bulb, led fluorescent. LED light source to reach a certain degree of light intensity and light area, the need to install the lens and the like optical equipment, not only affect the lighting effects, and heat and then reduce the LED should be energy-saving effect, large point of view of LED filament, to solve the above problems, Completed a 360 ° full-point light, no need to add the lens can be completed by the new three-dimensional light source.
LED filament lamp package is a technical innovation, we know that the general LED lamp beads is a single voltage of 3.0V chip fixed in the plastic bracket cup, and then dispensing package, that PLCC package. The LED filament is a number of chips in series fixed on the glass substrate, and then die to complete the package. LED filament has a small current high voltage characteristics, effectively reducing the LED heat and the cost of the drive, with outstanding advantages.
LED filament technology is usually 28 0.02W 1016 LED chip package in a long 38mm, 1.5mm diameter glass substrate, and then the top of the top fluorescent glue to complete. LED light wire selection 10mA current drive, the voltage is 84V, power 0.84W, luminous flux of 100lm, light efficiency can reach 120lm / W, if the deployment of red chip, color rendering index can reach more than 95, with excellent photoelectric function.




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