Recommended use of LED filament bulbs

Update:07 Jun 2017

In use, whether single or multiple use, the DC drive cu […]

In use, whether single or multiple use, the DC drive current for each LED is recommended using the IF range of 10mA-20mA. The instantaneous pulse will destroy the LED internal fixed connection, so the circuit must be carefully designed so that the LED will not be subjected to excessive (over-current) shock when the line is closed. LED requires uniformity of luminance and color when used in many applications. Therefore, the driving mode and driving conditions should be fully understood. Under normal conditions, we guarantee the uniformity of color and brightness of 20 mA light. To achieve uniform brightness and color, the same batch of LED should use the same current, do not mix more when using, so as not to cause brightness difference.
Static electricity can cause LED malfunction, and it is recommended to prevent ESD from damaging LED.
A, LED testing and assembly, the operator must bring anti-static hand rings and anti-static gloves.
B, welding equipment and test equipment, work table, storage rack must be well grounded.
C uses an ion blower to eliminate static electricity generated by friction during storage and assembly of the LED.
D, LED charging box adopts anti-static material box, packing bag adopts electrostatic bag.
There are abnormalities in the LED that are impaired by ESD:
 1、reverse leakage, light will cause lower brightness, serious lights are not bright.
 2、LED cannot emit light when driving low current. the consequent voltage is smaller.



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