Structure and Prospect of LED Filament Light

Update:23 Feb 2018

LED filament lamp structure: LED filament lamp consists […]

LED filament lamp structure:
LED filament lamp consists of LED filament, drive power, glass lamp holder, glass bulb, standard lamp hardware parts, these structures in addition to LED filament other are low-cost materials, the material cost is not high. Now the highest cost is the LED filament, mainly due to its high cost of raw materials; complex process (high cutting costs); production efficiency is not high (low degree of automation) and so lead to its cost down.
LED filament lamp prospects:
LED filament has excellent performance, can easily produce 360-degree light bulb round the world, with incandescent light similar to the shape and light distribution curve, is truly the ideal alternative to white incandescent light source. The manufacturing process of the bulb lamp is simple and the material cost is low. With the improvement of LED filament packaging technology, the mature application of domestically produced instant silicone molding represented by Mitsukoshi Chemical Co., Ltd., and the cost control of the stent with the glass filament stent as a breakthrough point. The overall cost is gradually declining, LED filament bulb prices will also decline rapidly.
Now countries have introduced banned (banned) incandescent lamp regulations or plans, once the 60W below the incandescent was banned, the market demand for LED filament lamps will be explosive growth. LED filament lamp can still continue to interpret the incandescent classic.




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