The use of filament light

Update:17 Jul 2017

   LED filament lamp with 360 ° all shiny, no flicker, […]

   LED filament lamp with 360 ° all shiny, no flicker, no blue light leakage, no hot, long life, slow attenuation and other characteristics of widespread concern.LED filament lamp three years, from the market demand for heat heating, international The market for technical innovation LED filament lights quickly recognized, the market demand doubled. As the technical threshold to enter the production of LED filament lamp is not high, the current production of LED filament enterprises such as the emergence of rain, cohabitation led to the uneven quality of LED filament lamp, LED filament and LED filament light easily done but it is difficult to do!
   LED filament lamp with its slender LED filament shine when the traditional incandescent lamp and won the nostalgic people love and sought after.LED filament light luminous brightness, efficiency and shape is equivalent to ordinary incandescent, people in use to find back Lost, already accustomed to the incandescent light environment. LED light filament with HVLEDs innovative technology LED filament lamp with high voltage, low current HVLEDs innovative technology, filament lamp in the light of the work only to give 10-15mA small current drive can light, with the traditional low voltage, high current LED bulb 300-700mA drive current compared to the same unit area of the LED tube instantaneous heat greatly reduced, with HVLEDs technology designed lighting can be light and not hot. The traditional 5W LED bulb lit when the lamp bottleneck temperature up to 75-95 ℃, while the same power LED filament light, light 8 hours after the A60 glass bubble temperature below 36 ℃. LED lamp can be real Safe use. The derivation of electronic products The use of design techniques is an effective means of extending the life of electronic products. The current technical design, production of 4W LED filament lamp lumens can be 400LM-520LM, equivalent to 40W-50W white light brightness, light efficiency up to 100-130 LM / W.  The ST64 G80 G95 G125, their internal space is very small, need to rely on limited capacity of special gas and glass bulb thermal conductivity, heat, the current frame structure and Glass bubble space is only suitable for 5W below the low-power light bulbs in order to ensure that LED filament light for a long time light and not hot. Its products as shown in Figure 1. If you want to increase the power need to choose a larger space A80, A100 glass bubble. LED filament design of the key technology LED filament lamp key technologies are: LED filament design and manufacturing technology, filament glass bulb technology, no constant current drive power technology. These key design, manufacturing technology are filament lamp manufacturers must be concerned about and have.http://www.outedsionbulb.com/



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