What is the luminous flux of LED bulbs? Why look at luminous flux?

Update:23 Nov 2017

In the LED lighting industry, one of the ways to test p […]

In the LED lighting industry, one of the ways to test product quality and performance is to calculate the luminous flux that it produces. In terms of LED lamp applications, the use of SMD lamp beads as a light source, resulting in a certain amount of luminous flux, if the package is better, then the effect of generating luminous flux is also more obvious, so the selection of LED bulbs, Can refer to the performance of the package lamp beads, and the brand, after the assessment of the light source element is completed, you can use the device to test the luminous flux generated by a LED bulb. According to the high lumens standard, to define the luminous flux generated by the device is in line with the application of standards, if not compliance, you can choose the lamp corresponding to the larger point of power, so confirm from this aspect, the choice of LED fluorescent tube applications In terms of places, according to its luminous flux to the appropriate choice of LED bulbs.
The so-called luminous flux, is through the point light source or non-point light source in the unit of time the energy generated, which can produce vision that is luminous flux. Luminous flux in lm. In line with international standards within the scope of 1lm defined as an international standard Candlelight light source within the unit arc through the luminous flux. Therefore, from the definition of luminous flux, it is used to describe the total amount of luminous effect produced by the light source size, so the greater the intensity of the light source corresponding to the luminous flux generated by the more, and luminous flux is equivalent to optical power, the so-called Equivalent is the size of the power with the corresponding relationship, also with the light source is also proportional to the structure.




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